Monday, 2 December 2013

words falling like rain

Handwritten letters postmarked from abroad 
sealed with my lover's kiss.
Letters assembled on a page, my laptop or phone
conveying heartfelt messages. 
Words falling like rain 
after a harsh summer drought.  
They touch me, 
I soften.  
The parched, brittle places, 
known only to me, 
become tender once more.  

The elements have not always been in my favor this year.  As a result, I have felt a need to retreat inwards, to close doors and draw the blinds.   I'm a naturally open person, but my circumstances demand privacy at present.

Despite my solitude, I have not been completely alone.  Books and music have kept me pleasant company.  I have communed with women I can only dream of meeting... Alice Munro, Elizabeth Gilbert, Zadie and Patti Smith to name a few.  Discovering Maria Popova's Literary Jukebox has also inspired my weary soul.  

I am trying to find balance, the place where my inner and outer worlds coexist in harmony. Taking time to absorb the words of others is helping me to express my own.

This post is part of Reverb13.  To learn more about this storytelling project click here.

Day 2:  What made your soul feel most nourished this year? 


  1. There is nothing like a handwritten letter... or anything by Patti Smith! Elixir for the soul. x

  2. I so understand your state of being. Me too! I love Maria Popova's Brainpickings and adore Rebecca Solnit!